Amira Behbahani

Amira Behbehani a Kuwaiti self-taught artist, born in 1964-Kuwait.

Written by Aryana Khan Art Consultant – Sotheby’s Institute M.A.

Tic-tac-toe XOX, a forgotten childhood obsession, finds its way back with new players. Two women Veiled &Unveiled…who is the winner in this game XXXX
Irrespective of place or culture, we all battle with dualities – the different roles we choose to take on, the words we borrow, the ideas we champion, simultaneously shroud and strip us.
This series is audacious. Lines are drawn, decisions made, and sides taken.
Daily, we inhabit so many worlds, real or created, tangible or intangible – part of all but so often committed to none. Here, there is no prevarication, no obfuscation. We lose or we win – there is no other way.
Unlike brushwork, stencilling is resolute. The imprint on paper is predetermined. While there is an inherent tenacity to this technique, there is a surreptitious freedom of choice, of where you choose to make your mark and that makes all the difference
The imprint of the geometric lines of Islamic motifs while angular and repetitive, are offset by the softness of their vegetal patterns. Are they aesthetically constraining in their repetition or freeing in the fluidity of their form? They are to one what they are not to the other.
Caught somewhere between the obligations of social and spiritual performances
Is the “I” that manoeuvres these spaces and plays these games. We shed identities sometimes shamelessly, often reluctantly, but in the final analysis we are confronted with a battle that is intensely personal. We infuse symbols with our own truths. They will either save us or sear us. 

Veiled &Unveiled xox#3
Linocut & wood print on cotton paper
40x60 cm.