Bryn Marie Migliore

Bryn Marie Migliore was born in 1980, Switzerland.

Artist Statment:

My work is inspired from shapes and forms I encounter in nature with their relationship and similarity to the human body, that exists within the human condition.
The fluidity and repetitive patterns that are throughout my work exist to find a sort of understanding, organization and tranquility in the chaos of the world in which
we live. In this chaos I find the beauty.  I am inspired by every interaction I have on a daily basis, and with those inspirations I find beauty in the work I create. 

I know no boundaries with materials, as much of my art uses recycled or discarded materials, that I find and create as new again. Wood, ceramic, paper, metal,
or whatever objects I can find, serve to inspire my imagination.  As I create each piece, the original vision I have in the beginning, tends to morph with emerging
inspirations and ideas I come across during the making process, and as I come closer to the completion of a piece, that inspiration gained along the way is always
certain to be present, presenting often a very different finished piece than my original vision from the start. Each time I create, I am questioning the world, where I am,
what I am doing, creating, and thinking.  In each of my works, it seems, there is a part of me that becomes more at ease, more tranquil, complete, and calm, as if those
questions are methodically being answered by the completion of a project.  Creating has become an integral part of how I interact and understand the world, and the
playfulness with my work, helps the world understand a bit of me.

Migliore Bryn Marie
Peace, Paper, tape, 260 x 60 x 60 cm, Approximately, 2016