Denizhan Ozer 

Mr. Denizhan Özer. Born in Hopa, Turkey, in 1962. Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey

In my works, the human element and human problems, both individual and social, always occupy the front ranks. In particular, I try to tell the real - life stories of those people who are marginalized,
oppressed, and in flight, and those who leave behind their homes and countries and who are affected by war, terrorism, faulty policies, and all kinds of difficulties but despite everything try to be happy.
I accept as requisite time frame an event that will re-discover life afresh and that will be experienced and, therefore, the past, by being documented, will be remembered and a lesson will be learned and
ransmitted to the future. That is why in my in my works I try to present the relation between art and life by documentation. In this connection, the events that happen in daily life, what I witness
first-hand, read, watch, experince have an influence on the conception of the structure of my works. The records that I have been collected for a long time have begun to occupy a place in my works and
the works I have made have turned into political works that constrain life, compel the taking of risks, and send meaningful messages.
In my completed works the space occupies a prominent position as an significant idea. In the installations I prepare with modern methods appropriate to the space, the objects I use are usually not
ready-made and are based on documentations, re-worked, altered, and re-created. These pieces contribute a great deal to the expression.

Angels of the Road, Photography, 40x70 cm, 2013.