Fereshteh Alamshah

 Fereshteh Alamshah born in 1977 , Dezful, Iran.
This video art is from the my collection which is about supporting of war children. Supporting of children who will be grew up very soon unwanted and unwillingness, they will experience the
touch of death Pretty soon and will be engage in epic ،bravery ، fear and childhood..
Questioning eyes of these children is always open to the world which has made for them and to other who will be observers at any time and place and any type of attitude and thinking and policy.
This video is made according to the real memory of my childhood, tell about my mother bold decision. In making this video I used Iranian and Afghan children together to popularize the concept
of my artwork and create an international context to express the innocence of children against war around the world.
I am along my childhood, I've lost my childhood!
Still I am looking for it in my nightmares, in my childish dreams and in adult games .Still with all its bitterness and sweetness, I got it hard to embrace.
The smell of hide and seek among the mortars, the smell of death in play inside trench.
Imagination of smiles which very soon grew, they sucked courage and fear with test of dust and barut by their pacifiers. And my bravery still afraid of bursting a balloon.

Hanabandan Party, Video