Mark Pilkington

Pilkington Mark was born in 1951, United Kingdom.

Artist Statment:
My work may reference or be linked to paintings by the likes of Giorgio de Chirico, Edward Hopper and David Inshaw, films from the French/Italian new wave
cinema, constructed photographs of Gregory Crewdson, given they all have some reference to dislocation and / or alienation. I am both in front of and behind
the camera in making the photographs; I start behind the camera and progressively move to be a part of the subject. The photographs I make are a poetic
response to place and in terms of process, have a performative, physical theatre element. As an outsider I confront and respond to a landscape that draws me.
Such landscapes are often found by chance whilst other places are preferred locations / contexts that I continue to explore and work with. They provide a
backdrop for interaction. A potential narrative is implied by the protagonist’s actions.

The work refers to both a romantic attitude and to the sublime. The photographs are a personal commentary that refers to ‘the outsider’ and their relationship with
belonging or longing.

Pilkington Mark
United Kingdom
Lying, Photographic, Digital print using archival inks on archival matte paper, 120 x 30 cm, Paper size 100 x 50 cm, Edition x3, 2013.