Maryam Izadifar

Maryam Izadifar was born in 1982 Tehran, Iran

An attempt to hold something, but the object we aim to trap, to vitrify, to expose with overwhelming care, we never get to capture what it really is. Peace is not included! In fact, what surpasses
the framework, an impression of weakness. It’s hard! 
I tried to make visual the abstract concept of peace. A suspension of memory layers, war layers, destruction layers, death…It’s the abstraction
because of the superposition of the different layers of lived memory, the reflection, the thinking, on such a complex concept that is Peace. 
As if everything had been lived through a sail made out
of orders!!! 
I have tempted to make visual a vision that is sometimes ambiguous and sometimes clear. As if we were being seduced by a space that could as well hit us. There are always barriers
to be crossed, even if we claim the exigency of peace! 
What never gets to globalize all over the world! In praise of what we commit injustice, as a pretext to be realising it! What is so logical yet
so inaccessible, raw white square, simple and clear as Peace!

1982 | Tehran
Amnesia, Gravure and Collage on Paper, 38 x 21cm, 2016