Mostafa Choobtrashzadeh

Mostafa Choobtrashzadeh was born in 1983 Dezful, Iran

When we look at the main context of the works, the first word that comes into your mind is self-criticism. However, the self here does not mean one’s self but the self of historical,
political, social and cultural past.  It seems historical, social, political events, characters or elements and symbols have been dealing with humorous attacks and assaults that
challenge them and lifts the burden of these elements from viewer’s shoulders and let him to view the work or think about it with a humorous attitude. The attitude toward these
historical pictures, narration and elements are sometimes similar to that of graffiti artists. Ironic criticism, objection and sometimes destruction are not the inherent characteristics
of these historical narratives and pictures. This is while the early narration changes and finds a caricature-like expression by adding mentioned characteristics. Historical pictures
and elements criticized with a conscious humor and irony, find a new, different identity and definition from their principle identity. This humor and criticism engenders through caustic
elements added to these pictures. These elements has been tried to be more modern that causes the viewer to relate the past to the present. In other words, time gaps are deleted
and the viewer has more symbiosis with these pictures and events. The other main point of the works is existence of construction and deconstruction. That is to say, a picture, an event
or a symbol and a historical character has been created through a time consuming process in form of painting, sculpture or -historical- relief and then has been challenged by a spot or a caustic element. 

1983 | Dezful
Untitled, from’’ When chairs act like hedgehog’’ Series, Printmaking and oil and pencil on carboard, 70 x 100 cm, 2014