Navid Azimi Sajadi

Azimi Sajadi
1982 | Tehran

Navid Azimi Sajadi was born in 1982 Tehran, Iran

My paintings can be seen as attempts towards this goal. The symbols I use in my recent paintings are rainbows, trees, portrayals of the loneliness of human beings, 
male or female figures gazing at the horizon from a hill, symbols of love, atmospheric colors of wide open spaces, volcanoes, demons, airplanes and baloons
dropping bombs, endless roads, a familf figure inside a flowerpot, stars, dragons, illusions of perspective, geometrical spaces and lines, ancient cities, shattered
human figures, colorful transparent layers, cypress trees which symbolize life, solitary human figures walking, the feeling of infinity and the storms on wild ocean shores.

Untitled,2012, liquid bronzes varnish, outdoor print on paper, 108x169 cm