Peace on Paper 




The history has been made by victorious war and peace, of going with the wind. Human is a creature that lives in peace intrinsically, without thinking about it. We can’t live in war and undoubtedly, the peace is the most essential need in today’s society. The war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and …, also disasters that occurred in many countries such as in France, Belgium, Turkey, Tunisia and many other countries all over the world, raises the attention to this important issue.

Jack Novico says, “It seems that repeated wars show that war can’t solve any problem, as we see more than thousands of peace contract have been signed but war goes on.” Peace on paper is a sarcasm to the international community, despite of all the improvements, culture and civilization, the war is always a material to achieve goals. The peace on a paper is an excuse for being real.

The first prehistorical painters have portrayed a lot of violence, such as the picture of men of war and hunting. But the presence of the artists from around the world and regardless of color, race, religion and geographical boundaries reveal the concept of the peace and painting on the wall shows artists peaceful contemplation. The present collection is the result of the Biennial effort that it has been exhibited in Tehran by invited artists from around the world and also valid institutions, and then this collection was moved to the Abadan Museum of contemporary art. This collection has been exhibited the presence of more than 140 artists and cooperation of more than 15 galleries and institutions, museum of contemporary art in Tehran and Abadan and also Niavaran Cultural center in Tehran.

Biennial of contemporary art has exhibited 2 periods since the beginning of its activities.

Both of them have considered the issue of the peace. The fist has shown the Culture of Peace and the other is peace on paper. This time selected works are not based on the peace, but the presence of the artists together represent peace.



The culture of peace



Perhaps there can be few  people who hasn’t wish to maintain the  peace and stability in their life.If it’s correct so what’s the exact source of conflict, tension, conflict and devastation among the different human communities?To answer this question, we must go to the different aspects of human life in different societies. Almost certainly strife and wars in human history has been happened for basic needs. but there is a question here! is war the only way to answer our basic needs or there’s other ways to solve our problems? To answer this question, we must travel between different societies and different entities to understand what create a culture of human society?!!!  Manifestations of the culture are included of  people’s coverage to architecture and urban design. But this trip and reviews of the different ways in different societies ,how is it possible?

Certainly The easiest way that comes to mind, consider a trip to a geography and spend time to live and a review of the culture. Anthropologists choose this way.  they do this point of view on the research issues that have been raised. But in addition to allocated the funding and long time there is Another way to obtain biological and cultural components of the effects of the diverse artistic community. Because artistic creation is only free way that we can saw the various situations of a society. The culture of peace Project aims to represent artists to this path may be found analytically to solve conflicts in the world today. The choice of what is important in every sector, isn’t exactly the subject of ‘’peace’’, but the quality of the artists in presenting problems and personal concerns is most important subject in our project because we believe that as to achieve peace, the only way is Careful study of the problems and issues.